Ground level 5″ / 7.25″ Track

Track in black was the original from 2009 (1289ft/393m ) + (314ft/96m loading area and sidings) dual gauge 5″/7.25″
Track in light blue opened 2012 (2460ft/750m) 7.25″ gauge giving a total length of (4063ft/1238m)
Track in dark blue opened 2016 (1558ft/475m) 7.25″ gauge giving a total length of (5621ft/1713m) or (1.06miles)
Track in red opened 2018 (1463ft/466m) 7.25″ gauge giving a total length of (7084ft/2179m) or (1.35miles)
Track in green work in progress

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The 1289ft (393m approx) standard dual gauge track was laid in 2009, it is constructed from a mix of steel and aluminium rail and has challenging gradients for an interesting driving experience and it is set in nearly 40 acres of mature woodland. There are raised steaming bay’s and a turntable allowing access to the main line.


In 2012 the track was extended with an extra 750m of 7.25 gauge track, this has introduced some long straight sections with the curves being 45 ft radius.
The track runs up to the highest point at Clatford station via Upping Halt. The line rises 16 ft (4m) from the club station up to Clatford station.
This gives a running track length of 1238m (4063 ft) approx in a very natural setting, it’s definitely a driver’s track.
The return route is via a long down hill run to rejoin the original dual gauge track.

2016 saw an additional loop of 1558ft/475m of track opened part of which runs along a 130m embankment now making the total length (5621ft/1713m) or (1.06miles) with more in construction.