P1030406-800The Andover & District Model Engineering Society was formed on Thursday 1st November 1945 with 28 members. With the aims ‘to encourage making of models and miniatures in any material available and to bring together those interested in models, and to aid in their construction by the promotion of mutual assistance amongst its members and hopefully provide space and facilities for meetings’. Annual subs in 1945 were £1.1.0 plus entrance fee of 2/6d.

After many years in our previous home of Redrice near Andover and after a long search we found the present site near the the village of  Wherwell where we have been since  2008. The site is situated in a wood which was used as a munitions storage depot during World War II and has a number of Nissen huts. We have refurbished one of these huts as a club house with a kitchen and a small store/workshop with a separate original Nissen hut as the main workshop.

P1030091-800We have since added the following miniature railway tracks, a ground level 5″ & 7¼” dual gauge track of 1289ft/393m and 5481ft/1691m ground level 7¼”gauge extension track, this was followed later by 260m (850ft) raised 5” 3½” & 2½” gauge track. Finally we also have raised garden railway tracks of gauge 1/45mm and coarse 0/SM32.

The Society has a membership that is currently around 100 with ages from 10 to 80 we meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

 We openly welcome new members with an interest in engineering, whether model  locomotives of any scale or power, traction engines, aeroplanes, radio controlled cars or may be clockmaking.

Please Note:- Current boiler certificates and proof of insurance will be required to be shown prior to any run.